Illustration by Sophia Janowitz

Illustration by Sophia Janowitz

Oona’s is a vintage clothing boutique located in Harvard Square specializing in glamorous and fun fashion. Opened in 1972, Oona’s has long been a source of beautiful threads, beloved for its eclectic stock. Recently revamped to carry modern brands as well, Oona’s now feels like a posh fashion clubhouse hidden in plain sight, right off a lush courtyard on Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge, MA.

Founded in 1972 by Kathleen White and her best friend, Deborah O'Donnell when Kathleen was pregnant with her daughter Oona -- the store's namesake. It is a longstanding independently run shop in Harvard Square. The store's logo, is an Ouroboros, an ancient symbol representing rebirth. Oona's is now under the new ownership of Marianna Pease. 

Hours: Open Every Day: 11pm-6pm

Visit Us: 1210 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138

Call Us: 617-491-2654 

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