Now buying Men's Vintage: 



How to:

1.     Email Photos of the Vintage items you wish to sell to Marianna to set up a buying appointment at selltooonas@gmail.com. Items must be 20 years or older in excellent condition. If you cannot send photos, please send a detailed description of the garments. All appointments are scheduled through email. Appointments are not made over the phone. We do not accept walk ins. Appointments do not guarantee a purchase from Oona’s. We reserve the right to select items that best suit our customers and brand. Please bring no more than 10 items. If you are a professional vintage dealer or cleaning out an estate please specify for separate terms.

2.     Arrive at your appointment time at the shop and fill out the paperwork. We buy outright as opposed to a consignment shop. Items selected will be priced on the spot and you will receive 30% by check at the time of your appointment.


-Men's Vintage from the 1930s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s,

-Vintage coats and jackets , denim, leather, suede

-Garments made from cotton, silk, wool, leather

-Men’s wool shirts, sweaters, flannels

-Select accessories



-Thrift clothing, Worn clothing, Modern Clothing. Items must be 20 years or older in excellent condition.

-Women's clothing at this time. Fall buying has now closed. Please check back in Spring.